Peptox is a new Biodroga serum fluid used for anti-aging, strengthening and protecting the skin. Its key ingredient is a peptide “neuro transmitter” which acts similar to Botox. It is essentially a hexapeptide topical Botox. Benefits:

 smoothes existing wrinkles
 prevents mimic wrinkles
 promotes collagen synthesis
 strengthens the extracellular matrix
 tightens the connective tissue
 improves elasticity, tonicity and density of the skin


Hyaluronic acid is an elementary component of the skin. It is a part of the fluid nutritional matrix that forms collagen. Thus hyaluronic acid is a precursor to the collagen structure. Used topically it has a strong moisture binding effect and enhances the skin’s tightness and smoothness and suppleness.
Biodroga’s new Hyaluron Concentrate 10 contains 10% undiluted low-molecular hyaluronic acid which intensely improves the valuable moisture level of the epidermis.