The Biodroga Facial combines sensual luxury with maximum effect. ┬áBecause people notice your skin, it deserves your attention. Everybody’s skin is different. Your complexion has its own unique needs. Together , we utilize all the focus and care necessary to keep it radiant and vitalized.

According to experts UV light is responsible for up to 70% of the skin aging process. Maintaining a youthful look means protecting your skin against premature aging. The secret of a radiant complexion is a consistent, customized skin care regime:

  • Morning: cleanse, nourish, protect, then makeup
  • Evening: cleanse, regeneration
  • Weekly: cleanse, exfoliate, mask, regenerating serum and nourishing cream
  • Monthly: Professional Biodroga Facial, at the Fabrice Hair Studio

Why is this necessary luxury?

Self-care begins with your skin care program.

You are creating/experiencing a beauty oasis.

Your skin flourishes with gentleness and customized products.

The innovative ingredients in Biodroga Systems establish perfect harmony.

The Lotus the science creams and serums are unequaled in their sensuality and pureness.

After 4 weeks dermatological tests proved the skin’s moisture is improved by 40% and after 6 months the wrinkle depth is reduced by 61%.

Enjoy the ultimate treat: To schedule your Biodroga facial appointment today Call 239-263-2554. Experience the sensual luxury combined with maximum effect—You deserve it.