Biodroga Bioscience Institut New Skin Care Serums


Peptox is a new Biodroga serum fluid used for anti-aging, strengthening and protecting the skin. Its key ingredient is a peptide “neuro transmitter” which acts similar to Botox. It is essentially a hexapeptide topical Botox. Benefits:

 smoothes existing wrinkles
 prevents mimic wrinkles
 promotes collagen synthesis
 strengthens the extracellular matrix
 tightens the connective […]

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Elixir Ultime Mysterious Oils from Kerastase

If you have Medium to Course hair and are looking for a luxurious line that provides shine, moisture, and softness this would be your Ideal product!



Opulent, rich cleanse FOR MEDIUM TO THICK HAIR

Rich cleansing oil shampoo with beautifying oils and a lavish lather. Deeply nourishes and illuminates, leaving hair with a […]

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Biodroga Facial with Plant Stem Cells

As we get older our skins become thinner, drier, and more sensitive. One way to strengthen and super hydrate them is to use a stem cell cream or serum.  Adult stem cells are found in our dermis and epidermis.  They help to manufacture new connective tissue cells and collagen cells. The connective tissue and […]

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Slide into Fall with Deeper Tones

As we “slide” into our “Tropical Fall” we should think about hair color.

Our blondes can place a few deeper shades of blonde in their hair with foils. Beautiful milk chocolate brunettes can deepen their color by placement of foils with dark chocolate.

Make-up should change up with bringing berries & wines into your color pallet.

Berries […]

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Top Prettiest Hair Color for this Fall

For this Fall it’s all about “Rose Gold” locks. This peachy copper color is flattering for all skin tones!   If your looking for a lighter tone with some personality this color is it! Are you a brunette looking for something different? Try adding a beautiful Copper Rose Gold highlight for a more dimensional yet natural movement of color […]

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Biodroga Facial—A Necessary Luxury Retain Youth while Aging By Kathryn Gaertner, CIDESCO Dip.

The Biodroga Facial combines sensual luxury with maximum effect.  Because people notice your skin, it deserves your attention. Everybody’s skin is different. Your complexion has its own unique needs. Together , we utilize all the focus and care necessary to keep it radiant and vitalized.

According to experts UV light is responsible for up to […]

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New Website

We are so excited that our old website is history!  Please check back as we will be posting fresh articles to the blog weekly.

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